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Guarding Your Brand: The Power of a Social Media Policy in Business Success

Having a social media policy is not just about setting restrictions but it is about helping the brand achieve success and reduce reputational risk.

When it comes to the social media policy, the definition would be that it is a guidance document decided by an organization on the things that their employees and representatives can say on the different platforms of social media.

The employees of any particular business or organization will have to follow the Policy for usage of social media in order to ensure that they are not saying or sharing the wrong things that can shatter the company’s image.

What are the notable advantages of having a Social media policy for a business?

You Can Protect the Reputation of the Company

Clear Confusions About the Legal Problems

A Policy Would Help In Raising The Awareness Of The Brand

Below are some examples of what should be included in an organization’s social media policy.

Each social media posting/blog of an employee must contain the following disclaimer: “The views expressed on this web site/blog are the views of the author alone and do not reflect the views of said business”;

An employee must ensure that no confidential, proprietary, copyrighted, or other sensitive information related to your business appears on, or is referred to, on any social media site or blog, unless specific written permission has been obtained from the business owner;

An employee must ensure that they do not libel, slander, intimidate, harass, or threaten any employee, customer, supplier or affiliate of your business on any social media site or in any blog content;

An employee must not make comments which are negative, derogatory or false about your business, its employees, its management, its suppliers, its customers, its affiliates or its competitors on any social media site or in any blog content.

Having a social media policy helps you clearly explain the consequences of deviating from the rules and is an important element of your business’s risk assurance. If an employee is in breach of the policy, you will be able to enforce disciplinary actions as outlined in your guidelines.

For further information of what should be included in your business’s social media policy, please contact Conduit HR Consulting Boutique Inc.

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