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Recruiting Great Candidates for your Small Business

Employing the right candidate the first time is every employer’s dream, however finding that suitable and best fit candidate to fill a role is not a walk in the park. The stakes are high when there are open positions that needs to be filled because you need the right candidates that can help your company grow.

Recruiting the right candidate starts from the moment you identify an open position that needs to be filled as your workplace culture, compensation and benefits, qualification and job experience requirements sets the standard for the quality of candidate you are likely to attract.

Additionally, whether you are recruiting in-house or outsourcing the recruitment to a staffing company, you will need to craft an adequate job description that captures the very essence of that role as it relates to your business needs. It is therefore important to clearly describe the requirements, tasks, working conditions and advantages of the position and a little brief about your company mission, vision, and values. This will reduce the time spent on unsuitable candidates.

Post and promote your job opening using appropriate recruitment tools. If you are working with a recruitment agency, send the job description to them with as many details as are important to the business and the role. If you will be doing your recruitment in-house,  you may want to determine what job boards are best suited for the position you are looking to fill. Technical and handy roles may be best filled through job boards that are not entirely professional to the nines while professional roles  may stand  a better chance to be filled on very professional job boards.

After you have retrieved the resumes, scan through them and select those that meet your basic requirements. Follow up with a phone screening of the outstanding resumes to ask for more information that are not readily available on the resume. Look beyond what is on the resume and embark on a “discovery call” about the candidates' interests, ambitions, and priorities. At this stage, you can decide which candidates you want to invite for in- person or online interview. Depending on the type of role you have open,  it may be necessary to administer a standardized test to determine the skills, talents, values, and characters that match the role.

During the interview, it might be beneficial to ask behavioral and situational questions to help discover how a candidate has handled or might tackle situations similar to what they may encounter on the job if employed into that role.

In all of this process, you must ensure that you are in compliance with the hiring policies and regulations of your province such as the Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Act etc. to avoid being cited for discriminatory hiring practices.


If you need help with recruiting the right people that can support your business growth, please contact Conduit HR Consulting Boutique Inc at or

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