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Workplace Wellness

You think this is just about your physical wellness, right? Guess what, it is way more than that!

Wellness extends beyond physical health incorporating mental, emotional, environmental, and social wellbeing. It transcends being happy and healthy; wellness is associated with an active process of being aware and making choices that lead toward an outcome of optimal holistic health and wellbeing.

  • Physical: Promoting a healthy body through exercise, nutrition, sleep

  • Mental: Engaging the world through learning, problem-solving, creativity, etc.

  • Emotional: Awareness, acceptance, and expression of our feelings, and that of others

  • Social: Connecting with others and our communities in meaningful ways.

  • Environmental: creating positive interrelationships between planet, human actions, and

  • health

Workplace wellness are workplace activities that promote awareness and encourage right

choices towards holistic health as explained above. Employers are saddled with the

responsibility of creating an environment that is healthy and safe – both physically and

psychologically. The costs associated with additional mental health and wellness benefits are

high but notwithstanding, businesses recognize the return on investment (ROI) that comes from having healthy employees.

Benefits of Workplace Wellness

  • More engaged, motivated, and supported employees

  • Reduced absenteeism, presenteeism, and drug and disability claims

  • Improved productivity and performance; and better health outcomes.

  • Reduced cost of treatment which provide businesses with savings in the long run, as well as help attract and retain talent.

  • Allows individuals to cope with challenges, even good ones, and setbacks in their lives, both at work and at home.

Workplace Wellness

How to foster Wellness in the Workplace

  • Communication: Openly communicate goals and expectations, feedback, constructive criticisms to employees. Keeping them up to date reduces the feeling of stress and anxiety, creates opportunity for them to share concerns, thoughts, and ideas thereby creating a strong working relationship and better company culture

  • Recognize and tackle signs of stress and burnout: this could lead to lack of focus,

  • Encourage breaktime: whether it is a 10 minute break or a 30 minute break, it has the

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